Search Engine Optimization

You built it – but did they come? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the signpost that directs the world to your website. Or, if you skipped that stop, SEO is the magic wand that makes your site all but invisible. We make sure your site gets found.

Mobile & Web Design & Development

Give your audience the tools they need to easily and quickly find information on your website, no matter the device they use. Our responsive design solutions will work seamlessly on all devices.

Digital Marketing

You can spend your marketing budget in a thousand different ways. Or, you can connect directly to the consumer who is looking for YOU. Our success is converting shoppers to customers – call us strange, but we think that’s exciting.

Brand Strategy

What makes you stand out from the crowd? The internet is filled with noise and distraction. An average branding strategy gives you a voice, but creative, but memorable branding stands out – and more importantly – connects you to your customers in a way that builds lasting relationships. So don’t just build a brand – we’ll help you build a relationship.

Social Media Marketing

Hearing crickets on your Facebook page? Can’t even remember your Twitter login? You are missing the party – the very party where all your customers are spending their time. Social media is your opportunity to put your message and your brand squarely in the path of your consumer – and be the life of the party too!

Graphic Design & Collateral

Collateral says a lot about your company. We provide design services from conception to delivery. Our designs reflect your brand, appeal to you consumers, and let you put your best foot forward.

Connect With Us

Ready for success? Ready for EXCITING results? Smart Marketing is too! We won’t just be your marketing people, we’ll be your partner. We’ll listen, we’ll answer your questions, we’ll work with you to develop a strategy that speaks for your brand, and best of all, we’ll be the ones who cheer the loudest when you make the big time. Not sure how to get the conversation rolling? Here are some great one-liners to get us talking:

  • Who should I get to create a great website?
  • Should I have a responsive website?
  • And just what is SEO?
  • Why aren’t I showing up on Google?
  • I want to sell ______ online.
  • What do I do? I don’t have time for Social Media!

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