Great Ideas and Websites That Work.

Ever notice how some websites are super slick? You know - lots of moving parts, flashy lights and even cool sound effects? No doubt about it, some companies do some really cool designs.

At Smart Marketing, we like cool things too, but we are also practical enough to know that web consumers are not very interested in shiny objects and slick special effects. Today’s web consumer is on a mission. They want information and they need it presented in a concise and compartmentalized way that is also attractive and pleasing to the eyes.

This doesn’t mean that our sites aren’t cool. In fact our customers think they look great. What this really means is that we are far more interested in designing websites that convey all of the pertinent information your customers need to make a split second (and favorable) purchasing decision. We think “Slick” designs are neat too – but frankly, we prefer to make “Smart” designs.
Take a look at our work, read about us, and if you are intrigued, contact us. We will be happy to talk to you about our services, our approach, and of course our costs.

Some of our Services: