Full Service Digital Marketing That Works


You built it – but did they come? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the signpost that directs the world to your website. Or, if you skipped that stop, SEO is the magic wand that makes your site all but invisible. We make sure your site gets found.

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Content Creation

Content marketing is what makes our brand. Before you can even begin a marketing campaign, you need content. Content that people will remember. We help you create that content and evolve it to reflect your brand.

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Data & Analytics

How do you create a biudget without even knowing where to allocate funds? Our data tracking answers that for you. Our data tracking and analytics reports reflect how your marketing campaign is doing. Know exactly how your budget is being spent.

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Digital Marketing

At Smart Marketing, we take an integrated approach to digital marketing, creating a campaign to amplify your brand’s message across many different channels and platforms. From radio and newspaper to a responsive website, we’ll give you a unified voice that will cut through the noise of every marketing platform.

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Tired of wasting money on advertising that doesnt work. Smart Marketing will develop a plan for your brand and your budget when it comes to advertising on the web. From Pay-Per-Click to Re-Marketing ads we’ll help you advertise it all. And most imoportantly create ads that CONVERT.

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Social Media Marketing

There are more eyes on social media chennels than ever before. You simply can’t afford to NOT be on social media! In fact, if you aren’t on their newsfeed, you’re irrelevant to them. Through social media, we continue to tell your brand’s story and establish relationships and partnerships with consumers, influencers, and advocates. 

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Interactive Marketing

Interactive Marketing is simply the process of listening to your consumers, measuring their behaviors, and then making adjustments to your messages as a result. With Interactive Marketing, your goal is to draw in your consumers, invite them to provide feedback, acknowledge their efforts, and make their results an integral part of your marketing strategy.

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Website Design

Web Design should be equally creative, slick, and most inmportantly FUNCTIONAL. Today’s consumer doesn’t have time to play hide and seek on your site, zoom in and out, or wade through volumes of text for that one little nugget of information. That’s why we specialize in websites that are intuitive, concise, responsive – and yes, slick!

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Web Development

A well designed website with all the bells and whistles is great. But it’s nothing without the development process behind it. Smart Marketing will help you design a beutiful website with the functionality and responsiveness it needs!

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“Content Is King”

 The content on your website pages, social media accounts, blog, print media, and anywhere else your business shows its face impact the message you send out to the world. It can add value to your brand … or detract from it. It can answer online searchers’ queries … or not. And, it can help your website be found … or it can plunge it into the obscure recesses of the World Wide Web. Content is that important.

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Graphic Design

We provide design services for our clients that include logo creation, business card layouts, letterhead (electronic and paper), envelopes, labels, social media cover images, etc. We keep in mind your brand image, usage, and even printing costs when we design your materials. 

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Brand Strategy

Whether you need a whole new image, a brand remodel, or even help developing a brand from scratch, we have the experience and the patience to get the job done right. Combining your company’s corporate culture with extensive competitive analysis and market/consumer research, we will help to discover the brand that is right for your business.

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Corporate Strategy

We have all seen what happens when companies create brands that really don’t fit. Successful corporate brands cannot be manufactured. Rather your company’s brand needs to reflect what is best about your organization, set your company apart from competitors, and make an emotional connection to the consumer.

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What Do We Do?

We actually do so much more than this, but you get the idea:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Website Design & Development

Mobile Site Design & Development


Content Creation & Curation

Traditional Media to Digital Marketing

and everything in between

Email Marketing & Newsletters

Search Engine Marketing

AdWords, Pay Per Click, Social Campaigns, Remarketing

Video Production & Video Editing

Social Media Marketing

Mobile Apps


Big Data Targeting


Graphic Design


Newsletter Design

Logo Design

E-Book Design

Brand Collateral